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Ed Wood's Vampire's Tomb DVD

Ed Wood's Vampire's Tomb DVD

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You are looking at a DVD of Ed Wood's Vampire's Tomb! Shot in Chicago in the late 90s/early 00s. Directed by Andre Perkowski using Wood's screenplay, it is a SOV on bizarro arthouse film... and quite funny.

Only a few of these exist and were purchased when they were available on Amazon. This will come SIGNED by David C. Hayes, who played Flinch Ruppert AND Lobo.

From The Underground Film Journal in 2008, "Ed Wood films are easy to mock and make fun of, but it’s nice to see Perkowski go in a different direction with his adaptations. Some of the humor is dependent on a certain knowledge of Wood’s films, from the bizarre insertion of a Tor Johnson look-a-like into the story to the Dr. Acula character always hiding behind a big hat and a cape over his face ala the Lugosi replacement in Plan 9 to a ludicrous list of “predictions” by the real Criswell, but much of it seems simply just inspired by the infamous director. The Vampire’s Tomb exists as a fun goof and one hopes that somewhere Edward D. Wood Jr. is smiling down on his young protege Andre Perkowski."

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