About Us

Hello, all! This is Splatter Theatre Press, a publisher of books and graphic novels specializing in dark satire and splatter!

Mystery Violence Theatre handles everything of a... combative nature, including MMA and professional wrestling-themed products.

In addition, this is also the home of Slipway Cinema Press where you can find non-fiction film criticism and history highlighting our favorite genres, namely horror, exploitation, gore, and, of course, splatter!

Finally, this is the physical media home of Abnormal Entertainment, the horror/satire film production company that saw its heyday come and go... but you can relive those gory moments forever!

From time to time, Splatter Theatre Press and Slipway Cinema Press will post open calls for submissions of novels/novellas and, intermittently, requests for essays in the film world or short stories for anthologies. At this time, STP and SCP are closed for submissions.

Although a new press, the principals of STP, MVT, Slipway, and Abnormal have all been around the darkened block. Enjoy your time here!