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101 Scariest Movies Ever Made

101 Scariest Movies Ever Made

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Besides being absolutely terrifying, representative examples of the finest filmmaking has had to offer throughout history, as well as cutting-edge pieces of cinematic art, what do The 101 Scariest Films Ever Made have in common? They're all right here! All of that horror in one easy-to-access volume. Each film is presented, from #101 all the way to the number one single most frightening film on the planet, in a fun format packed with quotes, critical reviews, cast lists, synopses, and more! Here you will find cannibals, psychos, monsters, and weirdos—and that's just the team of writers and film historians who collaborated on this unique project. Join these fiends as they examine horror films from the silent era to the modern age and rate them on just how much creepiness is contained within. Truly, these are the finest examples of the horror genre to ever play across the silver scream, er… screen. Open this book carefully! These fright films have taught us that books can be as dangerous as anything else. In fact, they're right up there with never saying "I'll be right back" and, most assuredly, wandering off alone at night. Are you ready to experience the 101 heart stopping, pulse-pounding scare fests contained in this volume? Enter at your own risk!
Featuring Christopher Wayne Curry, David C. Hayes, Charles E. Pratt, Andrew J. Rausch and R.D. Riley.
Paperback /  350 pages

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