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The Dragon's Curse

The Dragon's Curse

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The Dragons Curse by Mary Lynne Gibbs

Every man in Elizabeth Morrows family has either disappeared or died. Her relationship with her mother is strained. Her Granny knows” things, and isnt afraid to share them (much to Elizabeths embarrassment). The entire town of Fullerton, Michigan calls her the poor Morrow girl,” and rarely in a nice way. Her best friends have their own problems: JRs father is a violent drunk, and April has an abusive boyfriend. Elizabeth thinks her problems are petty compared to theirs. Then a dragon named Kieran crashes the Homecoming dance and calls her by name.Elizabeth learns she comes from a line of cursed dragon slayers. Its up to her, as the last Morrow, to defeat Kieran or die trying. Destiny isnt always what its cracked up to be. The sorcerer who cast the curse is in town, and needs Aprils life for his longevity spell. She soon gains an unlikely ally in the dragon she was supposed to slay. Together, they must find the sorcerer, save her best friend, and put an end the curse for good.

260 pages / paperback

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